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(The Blair Wafer Project?)
(Picture done by Tim C.)

Wafer's Home Page

That seems to be the time where You live.

You are Counter to visit this page since 8-30-99
(From when I put this up awhile ago till that date there was 5115123 hits to my page)

Click on the picture to go to the page of pics from the Feb. 11th booksigning pictures.

See me live on my webcam. View My Webcam
See me live on my webcam.

bear with me on this web camera crap, i just got the damn thing working. and well it will only be running when i actually think about starting it up. so good luck on that one.

Well here is the page with some info you don't probably want to know. So go HERE! to find out things about me ;-p if you have ICQ you can locate me at 14385445, or if you use yahoo instant message i am known as wafer_1975

(This for all of my caving pics)

Click The picture to go to the new cat page of my lovely girls.

Click THe Fish to Go to The Ani Difrnaco Page
Monty Python home Page
The Ultimate Bandlist

They Might Be Giants Alice In Chains 311 Suzanne Jewel

if you catch something that does not work please tell me so i can fix it :-)


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