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Currently there have been seven different caving trips that I have Been on. but sooner or later hopefully I will get the chance to go on more. within the 10 exisiting sets of pages of pics I have here there are 7 different trips, 7 pages are from my camera and there is one from my friend Miro's camera another one by Jim's and also Jenn's camera. Jenn's pics are of my first trip and miro's pics are the third trip of mine and Jim's pics are of my fourth trip. that confusing enough for you?

A little more info on the trips:
The first trip was on Dec.12th, 1997
(Jenn's Pics are of my first trip.)
The Second trip was on Feb. 28th, 1998
The Third trip was on the weekend of july 11th, 1998
(Miro's pics are of my third trip)
The Fourth trip was on Jan. 2nd 2000
(Jim's 1st set of pics are of my fourth trip)
The Fifth Trip was January 4th 2002
The sixth trip was on Jan. 2nd 2004
the seventh trip was on Dec. 27th 2005
The last link is to a page of pics of Jim's cool hybrid Cat

well enough typing follow the links below to go to that page.

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I haven't had time to create the kewl animated gifs yet so here are the new updates.

fourth trip.

Jim's 1st set of Pics.

fifth trip.

Jim's 2nd set of pics of 5th trip.

sixth trip.

seventh trip.

Pics of Jim's Cat

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