Me with short hair:

ok well that isn't such a great picture so for a bigger one click Here!

Well on the internet I am know as Nilla Wafer (and I really answer to it irl), I am 28. I live in a Eastpointe, Michigan.

I am employed by a contract company called Aerotek and I am working at a GM building doing Design/Detail work for them. I got this great job first as a Co-Op thru school then in April '97 I Graduated with an associates in applied science, Majoring in Computer Aided Design in automotive (or something to that affect, a bunch of words that means I can work on a computer and draw stuff). After I graduated Aerotek hired me in full time (WOO WOO) At work I use the program Unigraphics, which is what GM is mainly using though some still do CGS. I Also know Catia which is mainly Chryslers program. In July of 2002 i was laid off from my plush Job with GM. i spent 3 months working construction while trying to get back into the design world. finally got a break thru Aerotek (i got to keep my seniority (woohoo) I work now for GM again but not really in design. my title is Visualist or Math coorinator. i work in the group DQ&V (design quality and verification) basically we check all surfaces in a car that the normal customer will see.

Ok enough about the boring stuff how bout some fun things. Like What do I do when I am not working or mooing or playing with my parent's cats (see the cat links below to see the girls). I play hockey, I play defense (sometimes sub for goalie) These are my toys:

all of them are in-line skate except the sled dogs which is my winter in-line toys. kinda of a mix between skiing and in-line. Well a little about each skate:

Macroblades: Junk skates wear them if the weather is crappy don't care if they get wet.
Fusion: These usually give me blister so I don't like them too much.
Roces 5-Wheel: These are my exercise skates and the ones I wear if I am playing goalie.
RacerBlades: Sadly, these are dead i cracked the frame on them and well cant use them anymore but i loved them.
Tarmac: Bought these in my "punk/stunt" phase havent worn them since.
Rollerderby: Heh, I fixed them up and they are a stunt skate now with grind plates and all the good stuff.
Nike: Just bought these recently after the passing of the racerblade, needed a new hockey skate.

These are the same Toys just in a different pose:

And to go along with my passion of in-line and all my skates I need a big supply of extra wheels

My friends think I have to many what do you think?

Well I used to patrol the Metro Parks. Awhile ago I joined up, along with a friend, with the National Skate Patrol (NSP) they do alot of things ranging from patroling parks to watching over skating events. I havent done anything with them in a while so i doubt i am still a member but it was fun while it lasted.

well right now that is all that I can think of to put on here, if I can think of anything else I will add it when I have the time and motivation. ;-p

One more picture:

since I love hockey so much and live in Michigan I Loooove the Red Wings and just had to show off my sticker on my wonderful truck.

Well I added a new page of pics so Click Here to go there. There is mainly pics related to hockey there.

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